VENTANA HE 600 system

VENTANA HE 600 system

Master the art and science of H&E staining


Histology laboratories face a critical challenge — even in today’s high-tech world. H&E slide preparation continues to be a ­laborious and time consuming process. The VENTANA HE 600 system is the newest ­innovation from Roche Tissue Diagnostics that ­enables high levels of efficiency, stain ­quality, and improved safety, all while ­providing unprecedented flexibility in the pathology laboratory – creating better ­results for you, your laboratory and your patients.

Ventana HE 600 system 


Your benefit

Create seamless workflow and efficiency

  • Provides optimal efficiency by reducing touch points and wait points in the H&E process by consolidating ovens, stainers, and coverslipping into a single system 
  • Frees technicians to focus on value added activities


Make every patients slide a masterpiece 

  • Individual slide staining provides high ­levels of stain consistency and ­reproducibly to ensure your first slide of the day has the same level of quality as your last 
  • Ready-to-use reagents that are certified and tested for quality to provide consistent, high-quality stains


Improved patient and technologist safety

  • Individual slide staining with fresh ­reagents on every slide mitigates tissue cross-­contamination and reagent carryover in the H&E process
  • Eliminates xylene and alcohol for the H&E process


Product characteristics

  • Throughput: 180 – 200 slides per hour at mid stain protocols
  • System integration from drying through glass coverslipping 
  • Easily customizable staining protocols for unmatched staining flexibility
  • Enables over 400 customized protocols to optimize staining
  • Barcode tracking provides full chain of ­custody
  • LIS connectivity through the VENTANA ­workflow solutions
  • CareGiver remote support is an automated remote monitoring and diagnostics solution that enables continuous monitoring and ­remote service for VENTANA HE 600 system