VANTAGE workflow solution

VANTAGE workflow solution

A proven system for quality to increase patient safety

Today’s histology lab managers are under ­increasing pressure to improve laboratory workflow, sample tracking, quality and ­patient safety. 

VANTAGE solutions have been designed to enable histology laboratories to address these challenges:

Our comprehensive solution for histology labs — hardware, software and workflow consulting — offers a commanding view of your complex operation from a single ­strategic perspective. It is an end-to-end product that automates, streamlines and integrates lab work and information flow to help provide maximum productivity and improvements to patient safety. The ­VANTAGE workflow ­solution is designed using Lean Six Sigma principles and includes expert workflow consulting support to help you obtain ­immediate and ongoing workflow benefits.



Your benefit


Eliminate redundancies, reduce errors

  • Reduce data re-entry, relabelling and ­labelling errors with “one label, one time” technology and barcode scanners at ­every workstation

Lean workflow

  • Prevent bottlenecks before they happen. The VANTAGE workflow solution gives you a clear view of your lab, so you can maintain optimal performance
  • Collaborate with lean histology experts to improve your workflow
  • Simplify workflow steps
  • See a comprehensive dashboard of lab performance at any time
  • Identify opportunities to improve quality, staffing and efficiency

Establish your chain of custody

  • The VANTAGE workflow management system brings all of our automated ­platforms together, creating a chain of custody that encompasses your entire lab

Full and fast control

  • Locate any specimen, block or slide ­immediately
  • Ask the VANTAGE system to locate any patient’s slide, on any instrument, at any point in your process — and count on ­immediate, accurate results

Full transparency

  • Populate patient details accurately
  • Retrieve patient details with a quick ­barcode scan



Product characteristics


  • Includes all VENTANA Connect characteristics
  • Cassette verification/identification
  • Slide label generation and management
  • Harmonised unique slide identification
  • Centralized instrument slide/test status
  • Specimen chain of custody
  • Block/slide tracking and locating
  • Workflow process report and workload statistics
  • QA/QC management and reports
  • Specimen archive