Urisys 1100® analyzer

Urisys 1100® analyzer

Small and easy

The Urisys 1100 analyzer is a small semi-automated benchtop instrument for a ­workload of 10 to 50 samples per day. It is optimal for small labs, doctor’s offices or in decentralized settings. The high quality Combur-Test® strips ­provide accurate results in one minute which can be optionally printed out for your convenient documentation. 


Your benefit


  • Semi-automated urine analyzer for the small lab, ward or doctor’s office 

Easy handling

  • Automatic printing of results

Simplify your life

  • Eliminate manual documentation through the export of data via host connection


  • Prevent unauthorized access and comply with accreditation requirements via an operator lock-out feature


Product characteristics


Workloads: 10 – 50 samples per day1

  • Throughput: approx. 50 test strips/hour
  • Combur-Test® is resistant to ascorbic acid interference
  • Control-Test M for weekly calibration
  • Test strips*: Combur 10 Test® UX
  • Memory capacity: 100 results
  • Printer: Thermal printer
  • Connectivity to the cobas POC IT solution


* Combur7 Test®, Combur5Test® are not available in all countries.

1  Urisys 1100, O. M., 2016. eLabDoc. [Online] Available at: https://dialog1.roche.com [Accessed 13 February 2017].