Tissue diagnostics

Tissue diagnostics

Roche Tissue Diagnostics, is one of the world’s leading cancer diagnostic companies and is an innovator of tissue-based tests that enable the delivery of Personalized Healthcare to cancer patients.

The company known as ­Ventana Medical Systems, Inc., founded by Thomas ­Grogan, M.D., Professor of Pathology, University of Arizona, established the concept of a single, complete report covering all aspects of a patient’s case, which helps to improve survivability.

Roche Tissue Diagnostics is passionate about its mission to improve the lives of all patients afflicted with cancer by developing and delivering medical diagnostic systems and tissue-based cancer tests that are shaping the ­future of healthcare. Ventana products provide healthcare professionals with a comprehensive solution for the critical steps involved in the analysis of tissue samples.

In addition, Roche Tissue Diagnostics offers premier workflow solutions specially designed to ­improve laboratory efficiency and protect ­patient safety.

Recognizing the world’s increasing medical needs, Roche Tissue Diagnostics focuses on accelerating the discovery and development of new prognostic and predictive cancer tests that help enable Personalized Healthcare. These tests allow pathologists to analyze patient samples at the molecular, cellular and tissue level to help determine the best course of therapy for individual patients.
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  VANTAGE software

  • Workflow solution from sample preparation to statistics monitoring
  • Tracking of both samples and monitoring of the lab activity to help ensure quality
  • Workflow consulting to optimise processes

  VENTANA HE 600 system

  • Individual slide staining technology for H&E
  • Fully automated H&E staining from dryingto glass coverslipping
  • Elimination of xylene and alcohol from the H&E process

  BenchMark Special Stains instrument

  • Fully automated special stains from baking to staining
  • Capacity up to 20 slides per run
  • Individual heater pads
  • Complete ready-to-use reagent kits


  VENTANA BenchMark IHC/ISH systems

  • Fully automated IHC * and ISH * systems, driven by easy-to-use barcoded slides
    and reagents and ISH systems with individually controlled slide heater pads for maximum protocol flexibility
  • Systems with different capacity available
    to fit small to large laboratories
  • Open systems for antibodies
  • Broad portfolio of 250+ ready-to-use assays

  Digital pathology

  • Comprehensive digital pathology solution — from scanning and image viewing to customized reporting
  • Ventana iScan HT and iScan Coreo scanners — combine unprecedented ­flexibility, throughput and reliability
  • VIRTUOSO image and workflow management software — designed for clinical laboratory use
  • Industry-leading Companion Algorithm image analysis solution delivers consistent and objective results, time after time


  • H&E, IHC *, ISH *, SpSt *
  • More than 250 antibodies
  • Ready-to-use and barcoded reagents

* H&E = Hematoxylin and Eosin, ISH = In situ Hybridisation, IHC= Immunohistochemistry, SpSt = Special stains