Standalone and connected automation

Standalone and connected automation

Personalized solutions for every lab

Standalone automation offers maximum efficiency through flexible solutions that automate pre- and post-analytical steps in the laboratory

Your benefit 

Quality comes first
At an early pre-analytical stage, the automation solutions from Roche perform a comprehensive inspection of sample quality and volume, maximizing an overall optimization of lab workflow through: 

  • Early error detection
  • Reduced workload and reagents waste
  • Shortest time to consistent results

Workflow your way
Personalized workflows enable you to choose from primary, aliquot or mixed workflow 

  • Primary sample workflow – if the focus is on cost efficiency
  •  Aliquot workflow – if the focus is on sample integrity and parallel testing
  • Mixed workflow – to optimize the benefits of both

Short and predictable time to results

  • Improving patient care by offering reliable results within predictable short turnaround time, even during peak workflows

Connected automation, besides having all the benefits of standalone automation, adds transportation by physically connecting pre-analytics, analytics and post-analytics

Connected automation solution for high volume laboratories offering industry leading throughput, increasing efficiency and performance while remaining ­scalable guaranteeing business continuity.