SeqCap Target Enrichment

SeqCap Target Enrichment

Confident and efficient genetic variant detection

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) target enrichment enables you to focus on your regions of interest in the human genome, hence greatly improving sample capacity and enabling faster results. Compared to other hybridization-based enrichment tech-nologies on the market, Roche products provide the highest capture efficiency and coverage uniformity available 1,2  as a result of its  superior design algorithms and pro-prietary probe synthesis technology. 

Roche sequence capture  products have en-abled effective enrichment of a wide variety of genome regions from a broad range of sample types for high- fidelity detection of SNVs (single nucleotide variations), CNVs (copy number variations), indels (insertions and deletions), translocations, epigenomic events, RNA transcription and more.

Your benefit

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  • Uniform coverage of your target region, from the leader in custom designs, building highest confidence in variant  detection and data reporting 

Proven performance

  • Best-in-class capture efficiency, proven by independent leading researchers year over year, leading to optimal sample throughput 

Maximum convenience 

  • Complete and cost-effective enrichment workflow coverage, from one source, greatly simplifying your validation process

For life science research only. 
Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Product characteristics

SeqCap Target Enrichment Systems is a  solution-based  capture method that enables enrichment of the whole exome or customer regions of interest in a single test tube with up to 2.1 million overlapping probes. 

  • SeqCap EZ Systems enable enrichment for DNA sequencing on a variety of product offerings from whole-exome to targeted designs. Additional designs are available for custom developed designs, or fixed designs agriculture biology, crop genomes, or model organisms.
  • SeqCap Epi Systems enable enrichment of bisulfite treated DNA for epigenomic applications of research. Products are available in a fixed design for whole-exome epigenomic analysis, or custom designs can be developed for human or model organisms.
  • SeqCap RNA Systems are designed for target enrichment of cDNA or RNA. Prod-ucts are available in a fixed design for researching long-coding RNA or custom designs can be developed for human or model organisms.
  • NimbleDesign service is a free online tool that enables you to quickly and easily design SeqCap EZ Choice and SeqCap RNA Choice Systems.

Flexible and Fast workflow

New HyperCap workflow combines Kapa Hyper Libraries with optimized SeqCap EZ protocol to yield an automation friendly workflow with superior performance across multiple sample types and starting amounts, optional Kapa Hyper Plus enzymatic frag-mentation offers further workflow streamlin-ing and removes capital equipment needs.


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