Roche Inventory Solution

Roche Inventory Solution

Clarity at a click

Roche Inventory Solution is an application to manage inventory, designed for the ­specific needs of laboratories, optimizing supply chain processes and providing ­real-time management insights.

Your benefits

Simplicity: Hassle-free integration into your existing infrastructure and a user-friendly handheld that’s easy to use

Transparency: Know your true stock levels, and the numbers behind them, to gain important insights across your entire organization

Peace of mind: Confidence starts with knowing you’re never out of stock, reducing urgent shipments and the potential for error

Universal: Industry-standard technology ensures an ideal fit for any lab, regardless of size, complexity, product and vendor portfolio


Product characteristics

Roche Inventory Solution can help laboratories to optimize their inventory levels, so there’s never too much (expiring on the shelves), nor too little (stock-outs) providing full transparency on a key cost driver.

Roche Inventory Solution uses an intuitive hand-held device to track deliveries and consumption.

Based on user-defined quantities, consumption patterns and order data, the ­system ­indicates upcoming shortages, can suggest or even automatically trigger an order. It works for any product from any vendor and provides management insights into the supply chain.

We have taken our proven track record in laboratory processes to create an inventory management solution that meets the specific needs of laboratories.


*Roche Inventory Solution is not available in all countries.