Roche DiaLog

Roche DiaLog

One Roche at your Fingertips

Introducing Roche DiaLog
A single platform designed to give you faster and more convenient online access to all the information and services your need.


Your benefit


  • Simplicity: One gateway to Roche
  • Increased transparency of your processes
  • Receive personalized support
  • Stay up-to-date



Product characteristics


Single point of access: One point of entry to all Roche Diagnostics online services. Access with just one login and password from any device (PC, tablet, mobile).

Online Services* are applications to ­support your core business.

They include:
Technical Product Information provides ­instant access to all documentation to ­operate instruments and reagents. It contains a powerful search engine and the ability to subscribe and receive updates and notifications on your most frequently used documents.

e-Delivery provides a comprehensive ­overview of all order-related information, including past orders, delivery notes and invoices. You can also track the connections among these.

Live support chat is an additional channel, which provides direct access to Roche ­support agents whenever needed. You can exchange pictures and documents to better and more quickly explain challenges and solutions.

And this is just the beginning. Roche ­DiaLog is always evolving, continuously ­introducing improvements and new


*Not all services are available in all countries.