Roche Diagnostics’ areas of expertise

Roche Diagnostics’ areas of expertise

Covering all in vitro diagnostic segments in all major healthcare areas

Roche Diagnostics serves customers spanning the entire healthcare spectrum – from research institutions, hospitals and commercial laboratories to physicians and patients. Performed on blood, tissue or other patient samples, in vitro diagnostics are a critical source of objective information for improved disease management and patient care.

Roche Diagnostics offers the industry’s broadest range of diagnostic tests*. Our pioneering technologies and solutions not only help ensure an accurate diagnosis, they can detect the risk of disease, predict how a disease may progress, and enable the right treatment decision at the outset. 

We help patients gain control over chronic conditions by enabling both physicians and patients to monitor treatment progress. And, through our successful collaboration with laboratories, we provide the fast and reliable results needed for life-changing decisions.



“We are committed to delivering the best possible diagnostic solutions to improve people’s lives. Sustainable healthcare depends on diagnostics, and as the leader in the industry, we have the opportunity to shape healthcare delivery and to optimize resources in order to ultimately benefit society as a whole.”

Roland Diggelmann, COO Roche Diagnostics 

We focus on all major healthcare areas


Cardiology & metabolism

Infectious diseases

Blood safety

Women’s health

Critical care