Roche Blood Safety Solution

Roche Blood Safety Solution

Striving for continual improvement to meet blood banks’ evolving needs

Your benefit



  • Innovative technologies tailor-made to meet individual needs 
  • Systems which have a high reliability 

on the market while preventing cross-­contamination and offering full ­sample traceability


  • High assay specificity and innovative technologies (multi-dye for NAT, ECL for serology) reduce the need for retesting
  • Short turnaround times, ­automation and uninterrupted workflow generate time savings



  • State-of-the-art assay sensitivity and genotype coverage allow reliable ­detection at the earliest detectable stage of infection in all parts of the world
  • Highly standardized processes which reduce manual handling and risk of ­error

A fully integrated solution for standadizing blood bank workflow



Test menu



Solution components


Technologies that support timely and reliable release of safe blood products

 Please contact your local Roche representative for detailed information.