Prostate cancer diagnostics

Prostate cancer diagnostics

Diagnostic solutions and innovative tools for emerging utility

Our prostate cancer diagnostic portfolio can give you the confidence you need to improve patient care.
Empower your lab with our portfolio of ­biomarkers that deliver ­increased value for men’s health. Our antibodies are pre-­diluted and optimized for use on the fully-automated VENTANA BenchMark systems for quality results that are both consistent and reproducible. We continue to ­develop novel biomarkers with promising ­utility — such as the EZH2 (SP129) ­Rabbit Monoclonal ­Antibody and the ­Androgen Receptor (SP107) Rabbit Mono­clonal Antibody.


ERG (EPR3864) Rabbit Monoclonal Primary Antibody
Developed for high sensitivity and specificity, the ERG (EPR3864) Rabbit Monoclonal ­Primary Antibody delivers:

  • Specificity for prostate cancer which may aid in detection and diagnosis
  • Ability to identify a molecular prostate cancer subtype
  • High concordance to ERG FISH


VENTANA p63 (4A4) Mouse Mono­clonal Primary Antibody
The p63 (4A4) antibody empowers you to make informed, confident decisions.

  • Consistently strong nuclear staining allows for easier interpretation
  • Like high molecular weight cytokeratin 34βE12, p63 is specific and sensitive for basal cells in the prostate gland


VENTANA Basal Cell Cocktail 34βE12+p63
Our Basal Cell Cocktail combines p63 (4A4) with 34βE12 to aid in the differentiation of benign and malignant prostatic lesions.

  • Increases the sensitivity of basal cell ­detection
  • Decreases staining variability
  • Offers more consistent basal cell ­immunostaining


Prostate carcinoma stained with ERG (EPR3864) Rabbit Monoclonal Primary Antibody