Micral-Test® strip for albumin in urine

Micral-Test® strip for albumin in urine

Quick and secure results of albumin in urine

The Micral-Test strip is an easy to use test designed to deliver quick and secure results, specific for human albumin and sensitive across the diagnostic range. Using one test for all patient groups, the Micral-Test strip is a cost efficient way to gain actionable health information.


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Specific for human albumin 

The Micral-Test strip is based on an immuno­logical test principle using gold-labelled monoclonal antibodies with a chromo­-genic color indicator ensuring confidence in results.

Sensitive across the diagnostic range

The cutoff for positive results is 20 mg/L with an excellent sensitivity of 97 %. The Micral-Test strip does not show a “hook-­effect” because it uses a chromogenic color reaction instead of an agglutination reaction.1

Fast and easy

After 60 seconds, result is ready for visual reading with a convenient color comparison on the strip box. The Micral-Test strip is easy to handle and improves testing workflow.

Unique design of the Micral-Test strip delivers secure results 

  • The Immunological test principle with monoclonal antibodies is highly specific for human albumin
  • The urine sample is absorbed by the test strip and transferred through the following two zones before reaching the detection pad: 
    Zone 1 – Conjugate Fleece contains free gold-labelled antibodies 
    Zone 2 – Capture Matrix Fleece with fixed human serum albumin (HSA)




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