KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kits

KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kits

Single-Day RNA

The KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kits utilize novel chemistry that enables the combination of enzymatic steps and fewer reaction purifications, resulting in a truly streamlined ­solution for the preparation of high-quality RNA-seq libraries. The strand-specific workflow is flexible—supporting library construction from lower-input amounts and degraded samples—and is compatible with both mRNA capture and ribosomal depletion. Kits contain all reagents required for RNA enrichment (if performed) and library preparation, with the exception of KAPA Adapters (available separately).

Your benefit


Single-tube, single-day library prep 

  • Reduce hands-on and overall time through fewer enzymatic and reaction cleanup steps 
  • Produce strand-specific, sequencing-ready libraries from input RNA in approximately 4 hours 
  • Complete entire workflow – inclusive of mRNA capture or ribosomal depletion – in a standard workday 
  • Achieve high throughput and consistency with an automation-friendly workflow Flexible workflow options
  • Use the KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kit as a standalone workflow, or combine with ­either the mRNA capture or KAPA ­RiboErase (HMR) ribosomal RNA depletion modules 


Enable a variety of strand-specific applications 

  • Input less starting material than other commercially-available workflows 
  • Generate high-quality libraries – even with degraded samples, such as FFPE 


Sequence what matters 

  • Waste fewer reads due to the combination of rRNA carryover and PCR duplicates 
  • Identify more unique transcripts and genes with equivalent sequencing 


Achieve increased coverage uniformity

  • Obtain more uniform distribution of reads across transcripts 
  • Improve coverage of difficult GC-rich ­regions 


Generate high-quality libraries from degraded samples 

  • Input as little as 25 ng with FFPE samples, depending on total RNA quality 
  • Achieve low duplication rates and highly efficient, reproducible rRNA removal with degraded samples 
  • Identify more unique transcripts and genes with equivalent sequencing


Achieve reliable results with ­degraded inputs 

  • Attain a high degree of expression ­correlation between paired FFPE and fresh frozen samples, providing increased confidence in sequence data accuracy


Product characteristics


  • Single-day library construction, inclusive of RNA enrichment 
  • High success rates with low-input and degraded samples 
  • Robust performance across different ­sample types and input amounts 
  • KAPA Pure Beads for reaction purifications 


HyperPrep Kits
KAPA RNA HyperPrep Kits
with RiboErase (HMR)
HyperPrep Kits
RNA Enrichment None rRNA Depletion Poly(A) Selection
Input Amount 1– 100 ng into library prep 25 ng – 1 μg 
into rRNA depletion
50 ng – 1 μg
into mRNA capture
Sample Type High-quality total RNA
Degraded or FFPE total RNA
Previously enriched RNA
High-quality total RNA
Degraded or FFPE total RNA
High-quality total RNA
Species Eukaryotic (animal, plant, etc.)
Prokaryotic (bacterial, etc.)
human, mouse and rat Eukaryotic (animal, plant, etc.)
Prokaryotic (bacterial, etc.)
Whole transciptome Non-coding RNA
Whole transcriptone
Shared Applications Gene expression analysis; detection of gene fusions, isoforms, and other structural variants; novel transcript identification; SNV discovery    

A workflow to meet a variety of needs. The KAPA RNA HyperPrep workflow is available in three formats: with mRNA capture, with KAPA RiboErase (HMR) for rRNA depletion, or with no RNA enrichment reagents. 
This flexibility allows users to select the workflow that best meets the needs of their specific application. 


For life science research only. 
Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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