KAPA Library Amplification Kits

KAPA Library Amplification Kits

The gold standard for NGS library amplification

KAPA HiFi has become the enzyme of choice for NGS library amplification due to its ability to amplify complex DNA populations with high fidelity, high efficiency, ­decreased PCR duplication rates and very low bias. This results in lower duplication rates and improved coverage of GC- and AT rich regions, promoters, low complexity and other challenging regions in all NGS ­library construction workflows requiring ­library amplification.

In addition to the standard library amplification formulation, KAPA HiFi is available in a unique real-time formulation, for applications that demand precise control over ­library amplification. A uracil-tolerant variant, KAPA HiFi Uracil+ is also available for the high-efficiency, high-fidelity, low-bias amplification of libraries constructed from bisulfite-treated DNA.


Your benefit


Achieve the lowest amplification bias and duplication rates

  • Lower amplification bias result in ­improved representation of all library fragments and sequence regions
  • High-efficiency amplification leads to fewer amplification cycles and lower PCR duplicates
  • Less additional next-generation or Sanger sequencing needed to complete genomes


Improve coverage of GC- and AT-rich regions

  • Lower amplification bias improves coverage uniformity of GC- and AT-rich ­regions, promoters, low complexity and other ­challenging regions
  • Improved overall coverage and coverage uniformity observed on both Illumina and Ion Torrent™ sequencing platforms


Exercise precise control over library amplification

  • KAPA Real-Time Amplification Kits allow for library amplification to be observed in real time
  • Terminate amplification at the optimal point for individual samples
  • Optimize library amplification parameters for higher throughput workflows


Product characteristics


Improved amplification of GC- and AT-rich genomic regions 

  • Reduced enzyme bias resulting in ­improved sequencing coverage 
  • High fidelity  


For life science research only. 
Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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