KAPA hgDNA Quantification and QC Kits

KAPA hgDNA Quantification and QC Kits

Quality matters

KAPA hgDNA Quantification and QC Kits contain all the reagents needed for the ­qPCR-based quantification and quality ­assessment of human genomic DNA 
samples prior to NGS library construction.

Kits contain KAPA SYBR® FAST qPCR ­Master Mix, optimized for high-performance SYBR Green I-based qPCR. Further, they contain a pre-diluted set of DNA ­standards and primer premixes targeting different portions of a highly conserved single-copy ­human locus. Absolute quantification is achieved with the primer pair ­defining the shortest fragment, whereas the additional primers are used to derive information about the amount of amplifiable template in the DNA sample. Quality scores (or ­Q-ratios) generated with the kit may be used to predict the outcome of library ­construction, or tailor workflows for samples of variable quality, particularly FFPE DNA. The method is easy to automate and can be applied to any process or workflow that ­requires accurate quantification of dilute DNA samples, or samples that may contain a high proportion of DNA that is recalcitrant to PCR amplification.

Your benefit


Obtain concentration and quality information with a single assay

  • Allows for absolute quantification of ­dilute DNA samples
  • Quantification with an additional primer pair provides a Q-ratio that is indicative of sample quality


Employ quality scores in the analysis of NGS library construction workflows

  • Q-ratios can provide valuable insights into the bottlenecks in NGS library construction workflows
  • For FFPE samples, library and sequence quality is primarily limited by inefficient conversion of input DNA to adapter-ligated library


Obtain actionable data for sample preparation with FFPE DNA

  • Q-ratios correlate with key sequencing metrics such as duplication rates and mean target coverage
  • FFPE samples with a Q score >0.4 yield ­libraries of acceptable quality when processed in standard sample preparations for target capture​


Product characteristics


  • Reliably quantify low concentration DNA samples
  • QC variable-quality DNA such as FFPE
  • Predict success of library construction, post-amplification yield and mean insert size 


For life science research only. 
Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Data on file.