KAPA Accessories

KAPA Accessories

Attract what matters

KAPA Pure Beads offer a tunable and ­highly consistent solution for reaction ­purification and size selection in DNA and RNA next-generation sequencing library construction workflows.


Your benefit


Seamless integration into NGS workflows 

  • Compatible with all KAPA DNA and RNA library preparation protocols 
  • Achieve equivalent yields and size ­distribution in comparison to Agencourt® AMPure® XP 
  • Readily incorporated into existing ­automation applications 


Tunable and highly reproducible size selection

  • Obtain consistent library size distributions
  • Flexible implementation at various points during library construction
  • Adjustable size selection parameters to achieve desired library sizes


Product characteristics


  • High recovery of single- and double-stranded DNA (1 ng – 5 μg) in a single cleanup 
  • Fast and efficient cleanups to remove ­unwanted reaction components 
  • Easy substitution into bead-based ­workflows 
  • Enables adjustable size selection 
  • Automation friendly 


KAPA single-indexed adapter kits ­contain high-quality, ready-to-use adapters for Illumina® library construction. Each adapter includes a single, 6-nt index (barcode) for multiplexed sequencing applications. KAPA Single-Indexed Adapters are available in two concentrations, and are compatible with all KAPA library preparation kits for DNA and RNA sequencing ­applications. 

KAPA Single-Indexed Adapters undergo extensive qPCR- and sequencing-based functional and QC testing to confirm: 

  • optimal library construction efficiency 
  • minimal levels of adapter-dimer formation 
  • nominal levels of barcode cross-­contamination 


Product selection guide

Recommended Adapter Concentration by Input

Kit 30 μM 1.5 μM
KAPA HyperPlus and Hyper Prep Kits ≥5 ng – 1 μg <5 ng
KAPA HTP or LTP “with-bead” Library Preparation Kits ≥100 ng* ≤100 ng* 
KAPA Library Preparation Kits all inputs
(1 – 5 μg)
not recommended
KAPA Stranded RNA-Seq Kits with RiboErase not recommended all Imputs
KAPA Stranded RNA-Seq and mRNA-Seq Kits not recommended all inputs and workflows

* For 100 ng input the recommended adapter ­concentration depends on average insert size


For life science research only. 
Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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