Hemostasis testing

Hemostasis testing

Roche is moving towards a comprehensive new hemostasis testing portfolio with a number of industry firsts and innovative applications for early disease detection and monitoring. From easy-to-use, low-volume analyzers for self- and professional monitoring, to systems meeting the high efficiency requirements of the laboratory, Roche’s products provide the highest quality results, offering outstanding productivity while reducing complexity.

Like Roche’s current instruments, the new generation of testing solutions is driven by a commitment to deliver high-quality, cost-effective solutions capable of addressing the current and future testing needs of a wide range of customers.

The cobas t 411 coagulation analyzer is the recent addition to Roche’s Hemostasis portfolio. It serves low- to medium-volume central coagulation laboratories. Featuring innovative sample and reagent management concepts, It enables increased operator convenience and productivity.

The coagulation portfolio will be expanded by instruments that will serve the medium- to high-volume laboratories and for which connectivity to Roche’s automation line will be available.

The new coagulation analyzers, combined with the point-of-care meters, the Multiplate® analyzer and the LightCycler® for genetic hemostasis testing will allow Roche to provide a full portfolio of solutions for primary and secondary hemostasis testing.

For more information please visit www.cobas.com and www.roche-multiplate.com