HEAT-Seq Target Enrichment Systems

HEAT-Seq Target Enrichment Systems

Simple workflow. Confident variant detection.

HEAT-Seq Target Enrichment Systems  provide an amplification-based enrichment method that combines a fast and easy workflow with powerful SNV detection for targeted resequencing applications in  human genetic disease and cancer research.

The HEAT-Seq Target Enrichment system is a complete solution that helps enable rapid enrichment of regions of interest in a single day with an easy single-tube protocol. Created using proprietary technologies and extensive expertise in genomics, HEAT-Seq systems employ a refined probe structure and lab protocol.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnonstic procedures.


Your benefit


  • Fast and simple workflow: The enrich-ment workflow has been streamlined and optimized to minimize steps and reduce hands-on time. Go from sample DNA to sequencing in 8 hours with under 2 hours of hands-on time using a single tube.
  • Confident variant detection: Easily identify and remove bias and duplicates using UID molecular barcodes. Defining a set of reads that accurately represents the complexity of the original sample helps enables the detection of variants at as low as 1 % MAF and below with extremely low false positive rates.
  • Create custom panels with ease: A simple process allows you to obtain a custom design with high levels of unifor-mity and overall performance by drawing from our database of empirically tested probes. Custom HEAT-Seq panels are made using the performance information in our database, allowing you to spend less time worrying about optimization and more time focusing on your data. 


Product characteristics


  HEAT-Seq Ultra Oncology HotSpot Panel Illumina TruSeq Amplicon Cancer Panel Thermo Fisher Ion 
 AmpliSeq™ Cancer Panel v2
False-Positive Rate
0.014 % 0.213 % 3.071 %
Range 0.0 – 0.2 % 0.0 – 0.4 % 0.0 – 11.1 %
Missed Calls 0 2 0

False-positive rate in detection of variants using various methods


The performance of the HEAT-Seq Ultra Oncology HotSpot Panel is compared to similar kits to assess allele frequency detection accuracy and data quality. The HEAT-Seq panel presents a similar or  improved variant detection ability, but also presents an extremely low false-positive rate. The proprietary process of removing duplicates using molecular barcoding is the core of the HEAT-Seq system that enables not only accurate variant calls but also the confident removal of process induced errors that appear as false positives.

Observed vs. Expected allele frequency detection using formalin-compromised samples: The HEAT-Seq Ultra Oncology HotSpot Panel was tested using an FFPE control sample with known mutations at between 0.9 % and 25 % frequencies. Observed allele frequencies strongly matched the known frequencies, showing the sensitivity and accuracy of this panel.