Digital pathology

Digital pathology

Virtual consultation, image analysis and education

Digital Pathology is transforming the practice of pathology by developing innovative technologies that deliver medical value, inform decision making and improve cancer care. The integrated solution consists of high-quality scanners, image analysis software, image and workflow management software and education applications, all working together globally to optimize laboratories. Digital pathology enables more ­efficient and informed treatment decisions for patients — enhancing care by eliminating the boundaries of time and distance.

Your benefit


Virtual consultation

  • Maximize pathologist time
  • Enable flexibility for tumor boards, case sharing and collaboration
  • Enable fast turnaround time for expert opinions
  • Provide access to sub-specialists

Image analysis

  • Build clinical confidence with US and CE – IVD validated Companion Algorithm image analysis software
  • Facilitate consistent, objective interpretations for breast IHC — verified by a pathologist — for every patient


  • Enrich and accelerate learning in a collaborative environment
  • Allow students to review material anywhere, anytime, from the device of their choice


VENTANA iScan Coreo

Product features

VENTANA Virtuoso image and workflow management software

  • Anytime, anywhere access to slide images
  • Optimized digital workflow and decision-making environment
  • Web-based application to support remote consults and image analysis

VENTANA Algorithm image analysis software

  • US and CE – IVD validated image analysis algorithms for the full breast panel: HER2, ER, PR, Ki-67 and p53
  • Semi-quantitative scores for markers requiring cell counts
  • Fully validated as part of a systems approach — includes reagents, staining platforms, scanners and software

VENTANA iScan Coreo slide scanner

  • Intended for low- to mid-volume scanning sites
  • Brightfield scanning capability (160 slide capacity) at various magnifications — 4x, 10x, 20x, 40x
  • Live mode (remotely controlled robotic microscope)

Ventana iScan HT slide scanner

  • Intended for high-volume scanning sites
  • Brightfield scanning capability(360 slide capacity) at variousmagnifications — 20x, 40x
  • Continuous random access and STAT processing — with no workflow interruption


VENTANA Vector education and collaboration software

  • Support education and collaboration with digital images
  • Standardize content and eliminate sharing resources (slides or microscopes)
  • Allow students to review material anywhere, anytime, from the device of their choice (mobile-capable on iOS and Android devices)