Diagnostics – the building block of healthcare

Diagnostics – the building block of healthcare


Healthcare is undergoing a paradigm shift. As people live longer, grow older and face serious illness – such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes – there are new challenges for both patients and care-givers. The strain on healthcare ­systems and resources is undeniable but not insuperable.

A more intelligent and effective approach to healthcare is now in our grasp – one in which in vitro diagnostics plays an integral role.

Through providing the right information, diagnostics enable healthcare professionals to work more knowledgeably so that they can make better treatment decisions. Driving this change are the new biomarkers and testing technologies, which give laboratories an expanded role in delivering improved patient outcomes. Roche, as global leader in diagnostics*, is pioneering this shift in the healthcare landscape. Through our unrivalled investment in research and development; our novel and medically differentiated ­assays; our integrated systems; connected workflows and technologies, we are transforming laboratory practice now and forever. As we continue to innovate across the ­patient care pathway, we are pursuing our vision of making data available anytime and anywhere and delivering real value to healthcare systems.

The result is better, healthier lives for patients, and healthcare systems poised for the long term.

That’s the power of knowing.
​That’s Roche Diagnostics.