Consultancy services

Consultancy services

Healthcare budgets are continually being squeezed, which means laboratories and other diagnostic service providers are faced not just with operational but also commercial challenges.

Budget cuts, lack of personnel, limited space, attracting new customers and ­promoting the value of diagnostic services – all of these factors have become important considerations.

Based on our experience in serving laboratories for IVD testing, and supported by global and local experts, Roche provides consultancy services for all areas of testing, including molecular and tissue diagnostics.

Roche’s mission is not only to help implement an optimal, future-proof solution but also to work with service providers in ­developing a service strategy that is able to cope with the many demands of a ­constantly changing market.

Inspiring continuous improvement

In a climate of deep financial crisis and acute competition, laboratories need to evolve their business into a model that ­allows them the flexibility to react efficiently to a very fast healthcare market dynamic.

The Roche consultancy team can help you build the right, fact based strategy to meet both current and future demand. They will support you in the implementation of the strategy by building LEAN efficient processes and selecting the right equipment to precisely match the clinical needs securing a direct transfer of the value of your services into outstanding patient outcome.

Your benefit
  • Empower your people to embrace ­continuous performance improvement
  • Co-derived sustainable solutions with ­optimized workflow
  • Rapid implementation according to fact based concept
  • Increase operational efficiency and ­effectiveness
  • A working environment with harmonised prosperity and performance
  • Long term sustainable partnership

Consultancy process
Laboratory service performance ­improvement:

  • Identification of strategic goals
  • Analysis of main streams using LEAN management methodology to derive the optimum solution
  • Implementation of proposed solution through a series of rapid improvement events which will validate the proposed solutions
  • Monitoring of improvement through the benefit tracker which will indicate the ­status in concrete KPI’s for each milestone



A structured approach