cobas m 511

cobas m 511

Hematology Reinvented

Addressing needs and desires of consolidating the workflow, cobas m 511 provides analysis of the blood sample, slide making and staining and digital morphology results in just 6 minutes.

With the combination of integration, innovation, and information, cobas m 511 will deliver real benefits to the laboratories and their customers, bringing:

1.    Smart innovation, through the ­Bloodhound® technology, combining convenience with efficiency.
2.    Meaningful information, from images and data available for reviewing ­especially abnormal results.
3.    Efficient workflow innovation, by integrating the process.


Your benefit

Reduction of TAT

  • 6 min. to complete result, no additional preparation to review an abnormal sample
  • Unclassified cells conveniently presented for review
  • Only 2 touch-points reducing manual steps, providing efficient utilization of laboratory personnel

Do more with less

  • Low sample volume of 30 µL to provide a complete/full blood count
  • Compact footprint in less than 1 square meter
  • Fewer consumables for easy handling

One standardized process

  • An innovative, unique and standardized slide printing technology1
  • A consistent, standardized and patented staining process
  • Easy and convenient patient tracking and digital archiving

Expanding expertise network

  • Remote access review to allow specialists to easily access samples results
  • Additional expertise included in the slide review
  • Best use of expert knowledge


Your benefit
  • Bloodhound® technology: provides CBC, WBC differential, reticulocyte, and ­morphologic results, in a monolayer printed slide
  • Throughput: 60 samples/hour
  • Sample volume: 30 µL
  • Reportable parameters: 26
  • Small footprint: 1 square meter
  • Reagents: stain pack (2 stains, rinse and a fixative), reticulocyte stain and wash solution
  • Test principle: Digital multi-spectral imaging
  • Intuitive software provides easy access to WBC, RBC and platelet image galleries for patient review
  • Remote functionality of the viewing station, providing real-time image access
  • Digital archiving of results and images

Principle of Bloodhound® technology



1 Rodak, B.F., Fritsma, G.A. & Keonhane, E.M. (2007). Hematology clinical principles and applications. 3rd Hrsg. St. Louis, Missouri: Elsevier Saunders. pp. 194-199.