cobas® infinity IT solutions

cobas® infinity IT solutions

One expert package to empower all of your expertise

cobas infinity IT solutions is a web- based application with scalable modules that are designed to manage complex  lab processes and give sample testing and result data an efficient and transparent flow. It automates the three main areas of lab operations: pre-analytics, analytics  and post-analytics; but also extends beyond the lab to ordering, blood collection  validation and reporting.

cobas infinity IT solutions enables a paperless workflow, and is structured around work areas that focus on the tasks in hand. The unique workflow engine removes the need to write complex rules to manage the sample automation. Autovalidation enables efficient result management, and integrated quality management tools organize the quality process to support accreditation.



Flexile intelligence across lab disciplines and POC and work areas.



One decision for all choices – scalable to your needs again and again.

Your benefit

Right solution for every environment

  • Specialized modules designed for different test disciplines – matching the structure and processes of different areas of the laboratory. It helps automate many manual tasks and optimizes productivity
  • Scalable and expandable for every kind of laboratory, now and in the future

Makes work flow

  • The unique workflow engine drives sample and data flow, streamlining job tasks and optimizing all process steps in the different levels of automation
  • Consistent look and feel across all user interfaces help staff learn quickly and enables better communication in and across disciplines including Point of Care
  • Designed for easy of use on PC’s, tablets and mobile phones to see whats important and act fast- from wherever you are

Dynamic production monitoring

  • Real time information for timely decision-making with the live view tool
  • The Insights module retrieves retro-spective accessible data from all process steps and turns the unsorted data into meaningful statistical reports to demonstrate lab performance
  • A comprehensive Integrated Quality Management tool that not only manages assay performance but also enables your organization to improve overall quality processes supporting accreditation

Designed to be easy to use, everywhere.

cobas infinity central lab

  • Empowering lab experts to manage complex processes
  • Designed for labs to manage complex sample testing and result data flows in an efficient and transparent way

cobas infinity central lab – 3R

  • Standardized for request, result, and reporting in small labs
  • Pre-configured central lab module for smaller labs for simple set-up with basic functionalities

cobas infinity microbiology

  • Turns testing complexity into efficient workflow
  • Designed for work area and processes specific for microbiology. It offers management of cultures, related biochemical testing and anti -biotic susceptibility

cobas infinity total quality management

  • Empowering management of a high level quality culture
  • Designed for proactive documentation-, issues-, indicators- and audits management to achieve and maintain accreditation


Manages more than the complexity of lab operations.


cobas infinity live view

  • See what’s important
  • Shares real time information for lab technicians and lab managers on PC, tablets and mobile devices. While out of the office, laboratory users can access valuable real-time information on turnaround time, sample load and delayed samples in a core lab

cobas infinity insights

  • Demonstrate your value as a trusted partner
  • Designed to turn objective lab statistics into meaningful information to improve process performance and understand the value of the lab

cobas infinity lab link

  • Links health care professionals to your lab, from order to result
  • Connects customers with the lab to streamline interactions when ordering tests, checking patient results and automating the collection process for phlebotomists

cobas infinity POC tablet

  • Move and work
  • A tablet app designed to help POC
  • Coordinators (POCCs) manage their
  • complete POC testing program whilst moving around
  • The app enables POC Coordinators to  realise the full potential of working with a tablet, allowing them to become really efficient​

cobas infinity POC mobile

  • Always with you
  • A mobile application designed for POC coordinators in hospitals to keep control and act on what is important while away from their PCs​

cobas infinity blood safety

  • Part of the Roche Blood Safety Solutions
  • Optimizing process management and monitoring
  • Designed to increase workflow efficiency by optimizing the specific work area processes of the blood donor testing environment​