cobas® 8100 automated workflow series

cobas® 8100 automated workflow series

3-D intelligence in lab automation

cobas 8100 intelligent tube transport provides a short predictable time to results, including prioritization for emergency samples. With flexible workflows, early error detection and fully automated add-on handling, cobas 8100 allows for personalized solutions to suit individual laboratory needs, guaranteeing that quality comes first.

cobas 8100 covers the needs of high-throughput laboratories achieving 1,100 samples/hour. Designed with options for connectivity to Serum Work Area analyzers, hematology, coagulation, selective third-party analyzers and archiving, cobas 8100 fully automates the laboratory process from beginning to end.


Solution with cobas 8100 automated workflow series

Your benefit

Quality comes first

At an early pre-analytical stage, Roche automation solutions check the sample quality and volume, maximizing workflow efficiency.

  • Early error detection
  • Reduced workload
  • No reagent waste

Workflow your way

Personalized workflows enable you to choose from primary, aliquot or mixed workflow.

  • Primary sample workflow – if the focus is on cost efficiency
  • Aliquot workflow – if the focus is on sample integrity and parallel testing
  • Mixed workflow – to optimize the benefits of both

Short and predictable time to results

  • 3D intelligent tube transport improves patient care by offering reliable results within predictably short turnaround times, even during peak workflows
  • Multi-level and bidirectional tube transport: empty tube holders and holders with tubes run separately to avoid traffic jams
  • Tubes always have a clear destination and do not circle the track, guaranteeing first-in first-out sample processing
  • Tubes can bypass modules if processing is not required
  • Prioritized STAT workflow

Flexible tube storage

A solution with cobas 8100 offers 3 storage concepts, ensuring fast access as soon as a tube is needed.

  • Short-term storage for an immediate re-run
  • Mid-term storage in the Add-on Buffer Module – for optimized add-on request processing within the same day
  • Long-term storage
Product characteristics


cobas® 8100 is made up of three stations: output, input and aliquot stations. Each station can be configured according to the number of samples and individual laboratory needs in order to optimize the required workflow now. In the future, it can easily grow as needed.



Restopper flex-cap/screw cap
Add-on/output buffer
Output buffer/sorter
Input buffer
Automatic centrifuge unit
Sample check module
Barcode labeler/tube feeder
Aliquot module