AVENIO Millisect Instrument

AVENIO Millisect Instrument

Precise, consistent and confident ­microdissection of FFPE tissue samples

The AVENIO Millisect Instrument ­(Millisect) System is an automated tissue dissection system that will enable the capture of ­challenging ­tumor samples while providing precision, accuracy, and consistency. Users can confidently transfer annotated reference slides to serial cut sections with greater accuracy when compared to manual methods.

Millisect will allow pathology and molecular laboratories to perform automated FFPE tissue dissection while ensuring high precision and proper chain of custody, thereby helping to advance the standard of oncology testing utilizing molecular testing techno­logies.

*Expected launch – June 2017. Data on file.


Your benefit

High quality and precision

  • Prevent loss of precious samples with 300 μm minimum precision level and equivalent recovery comparing to manual dissection
  • Provide consistency across samples and for operators with automated dissection


Efficient turn-around time

  • Dissect up to four slides in 5 to 10 minutes
  • Free up time for other tasks by reducing the number of hands-on operations


Intuitive and integrated workflow

  • Easy-to-use intuitive user interface, ­practical and all-in one touchscreen PC
  • Offer flexibility for downstream applications with most user-defined buffers


Proper chain of custody

  • Track reference and sample barcodes, time of collection, and sample collection data on area of interest automatically
  • Provide a comprehensive PDF report for every case